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yummy cupcakeUnless otherwise specified nothing from this site, my clients site's, or where my art resides or is indexed may be used without express written permission.  Please do not copy, reproduce the same "look and feel", duplicate, print screen, copy and paste into email, social networking sites or anywhere else, download from this site, my clients sites, or anywhere content from this site is indexed such as search engines.  An image indexed in Google doesn't mean it is free to take and use without permission.  

Copying someone's work is a violation of international copyright laws, and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if use of cgonsa work is done without cgonsa express consent. 

Text copy is monitored by uses technology that can search for online plagiarism and original text copy that has been lifted from your site. It can identify who the original owner of the copy is in a jiffy!  It is genius, a powerful tool producing concrete evidence.

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